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There is no reason to kick and scream. Why not try another browser to see if there is any reason to.  After that, you can use whatever browser you want but you shouldn’t let fear itself, as Roosevelt said, determine your choice.  Browsing is identical in any browser that supports the Virtual PC Cursor or browse mode.  If you want to change settings, you will have to learn a new interface, but it will likely not be difficult or very difficult.  I doubt you change settings, or that you do to any extent.  You will have to learn to work with book marks but again, that shouldn’t be difficult.  You learned it in one browser, you can learn it in others.  And I doubt IE will be supported for more than a year or two, and during this time, it will work on fewer and fewer web pages.  Better to try another browser now so you don’t learn under pressure.  And as I said, you can use whatever browser you want after you try it. 
Use control l in the other browsers, not control o, to move to the place where you open web pages, type an address, press enter, and try working with the page or pages you work with on the site.  .  You will see that it is almost identical or identical.  Some sites work better in one browser some work better in another.  Most work as well in whichever one you use.

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I'm still using IE, and pretty much will be kicking and screaming with a change.

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I am still using IE.  I am running Win10 and jfw 19 or 20.  I can update with no problem if necessary.

I saw the following in an earlier post:

"Use the latest Edge "Chromium based" just like google chrome with JAWS

What is the difference between Edge Chromium Base and Google Chromium?
Is one easier to use than the other?



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