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Keith S

I've noticed a slow down or stickiness when using IE now.  I do use firefox, but that is slow and seems to refresh constantly, so if I go to a webpage on firefox I usually have to wait 2 or 3 minutes for the page to load completely, but when I arrow down the page, it will (60% of the time) refresh and the cursor will jump back to the top.  I rarely use internet browsing anymore due to this.

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Yes, the Apex uses Keyweb, and the Touch Plus uses a version of Chrome. So
if those devices are your way to go on-line, you don't need to choose a

If you're using a Windows PC, this issue is more urgent, since Internet
Explorer is supposedly no longer supported and, so the error message I get
on the PC now and then tells me, will quit working at some future point.
We're not to that point yet. So I am using IE, with Chrome as an option.


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Would the browser for the Apex be Keyweb? How do you choose a


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