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Richard <thegothot@...>

This may be true, but consider this:
The web experience will vary from system to system, browser to browser, and
the same for screen readers.
In other words, 2 users of the same version of Windows, Internet Explorer,
and Jaws may experience different results on the same website.
I have seen this first-hand on different systems of my own as well as
so the user may want to have more than one web browser, and more than one
version of their favorite screen-reader.
I compare it to tools, one screwdriver will not work on all screws,
so you have different ones to fit different situations.
There is no cure-all, but there are work-arounds.
Just my opinion.


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You guys do know that for all intents and purposes, web browsing is much the
same regardless of the browser you are using. Sure, the settings are
different but I'm sure there are folks around, myself included, who would be
more than happy to connect with you and help you get things configured to
your liking. All of the techniques you have been using to navigate web
pages, with few exceptions are the same.

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Hollie, it just seems so unnecessary that Microsoft would abandon a
perfectly good product - maybe not to all, but to many users. I realize that
some people have privacy issues, and I think that should be respected, as
well as I am thinking our desire to take our chances with IE should be
respected too.

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I am with you. Hard to leave I.E., but I am trying.

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