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Dragos Grecianu


Thanks alot, this is the kind of setup that I always wanted.

The only thing that I don't understand is if I can power this box over usb or do I have to actualy get a bigger power strip?

I have a cool idea in mind on how this can work as a small, remote controlled fire pc.


It can also be made portble if that runs from usb because I have a bluetooth speaker with an aux port, a 30000 mah battery that can power the stick and the convertor if it can be powerred from that and I can put them in a box to look like one product or something.

Thanks and best regards..

La 4/14/2020 10:50 PM, heather albright a scris:

Hello, I got my converter  box off amazon. I also got 3.5 head phone jack to connect my speakers to the converter box. Here is the link if you are looking for the same thing:

So with the fire stick, plugg in the fire stick to the ac adaptor and than plugg it in to the converter box. So the 3.5 conector is for the set of speakers that go to the converter box. I thought 3.5 was better than relying on Bluetooth that  can lose connection and you are left with out audio till someone resets up the Bluetooth off the fire stick; a sighted assistant and than you have to have a visual screen to work that out. my speakers are usb powered  with a 3.5 connection. I plug my speakers in a usb hub to power them and use the 3.5 connector to connect to the converter box. So it works out great. Amazon accessibility cant seem to rap their brains over this one; they still cant believe a blind person can operate a firestick without a screen woe!  Now if only they had a remote control with usb powered speakers. Some times the audio gets louder depending on the app like you tube or amazon prime or netflix. So it would have been nice to control the audio with a remote control for the speakers. But, if you do have a smart tv, the fire stick 4.k remote is supposed to work on the tv to control the volume level. But, not worth the money it would cost like over100 dollars vurses the 50 dollars I spent on my set up. I bought my firestick when it was on sale for 15 dollars and the converter box was 22 dollars and the 3.5 connecter was 5 dollars; less than 50 dollars woe!  But if you want something more like the fire tv q, that has room for backing things up, you can use the same set up to do the same thing! Cheers Heather


From: Dragos Grecianu
Sent: Tuesday, April 14, 2020 2:17 PM
Subject: Re: [TechTalk] smart television



Where did you get that converter box thing?

I want a fire stick, but I want to make mine audio only and portable if possible.

How small and how expensive is that device?

It sounds really cool.

Thanks and best regards.

La 4/13/2020 7:08 PM, heather albright a scris:

I use the firestick but, I do not have connected to a tv, I use a converter box and a set of speakers. I was reading about apple tv, seems they are at war with some tv content, I would check to make sure it meets your needs! Cheers Heather


From: Fanus
Sent: Monday, April 13, 2020 10:42 AM
Subject: [TechTalk] smart television


Hello list

From a blind person's perspective this may seem like a stupid question.

During this lock down I stream many of the metropolitan opera house operas.

It is quite a pain with my fairly old tv and laptop to stream and now I

examine all kinds of products because my wife is sighted and she enjoys the

shows and we did not realize there are so many things from youtube that one

can stream. I looked at specs for the Amazon fire 4K stick and cube, the

Google Chromecast ultra and the Apple tv but all of them have things that I

like and things that I would want in the device. I have read the Take

Control of Apple TV book and the writer asks what I want to ask year: is it

worth while to buy an apple tv if one can buy a smart television with

Airplay2 and the apple tv app built-in. Here in South Africa I can get such

a tv for not very much more than an Apple tv. So, is there someone who uses

a smart television with airplay and if so, is it a workable better option

for a blind person?









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