Re: NVDA, read current line and read all

Ron Canazzi

Hi Walter,

When I press the normal insert + keyboard down arrow, I do get a continuous read feature (JAWS read to end.)  As someone else mentioned, in long documents with multiple blank lines, NVDA sometimes quits reading. I do get the proper behavior other than that caveat.

I am wondering if you have the latest NVDA.

On 4/15/2020 4:07 PM, Walter Ramage via wrote:

Hi folks.  I've decided to dip my toe in the NVDA world but only a little bit at the moment but before I submerge my big toe I'd like some help with something.


In Jaws to read the current line I press insert plus up arrow.  To read all, insert and down arrow.


Now I tried the same in NVDA but although insert up arrow read current line, insert down arrow also read current line, it didn't read all.


I got more if I scrolled down but NVDA repeated every blank line with the announcement "blank."


How can I correct this so insert up arrow reads current line, insert down arrow reads all and every blank line is silent.  Help appreciated, thank you.  Walter.


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