Re: a winamp question

Byron Stephens

Hit alt l to close the library.

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Hi all,

I use winamp as my default player and for some reason here lately when I play some of my mp3's jaws says the word library when winamp first starts and I have trouble from there changing the volume or just about anything else. I've done the control tab to go through the different winamp windows but it seems like certain commands work in some windows and other commands work in other windows. This may not be true but that's what appears is happening.

First off does anybody know why I get placed in the winamp library window occasionally, and second what window do I need to go to to make the commands such as volume up and down, right and left arrow to go forward and backward in the file, and b and z to move from file to file will all work? Btw I'm using winamp 5.666 I believe it is, and I'm running windows 10 if that matters. Also I just realized that it seems like I get placed in this library window when I start playing mp3 files that I've converted from youtube files.



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