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Hi Keith.  I’m a huge GoldWave fan and a long time user.  Here’s a quick and effective way that I get GoldWave to add the folder that I want to batch process.  I use Windows 10 Pro 64 bit and JAWS 2019 with GoldWave 6.51.  I either use This PC or Explorer to navigate to my 0 - files to convert folder and then hit enter to get into that folder.  I then hit alt D to get to my address bar which shows the full path to the 0 - files to convert folder.  I select all with control A, do control C to copy the path to clipboard, and then alt F4 out of that.  Start GoldWave, go into batch, then hit add folder.  You will be placed in an edit box that may show the name of the last folder that you processed.  Delete everything there, and then hit control V to paste the path of the 0 - files to convert folder.  Make sure that process subfolders is checked, and tab to okay and hit enter.  You should be good to go.  Don’t forget to set your destination folder, and your file attributes.


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Batch converting with Goldwave

I am attempting to batch convert files inside a folder within the my documents folder. When I hit the batch convert folder button it opens a window with choices.

I check the box that says include all sub folders and then tab down to browse and hit enter on that


I am then placed in a tree view of directories.

The folder I wish to convert files in is named 0 - files to convert

the following selection of directories are available to me in the window:


documents and settings

keith steinbach





my documents

start menu

tap in radio



the folder which I wish to convert files in, the 0 - files to convert folder is not listed.

I am wondering why?





The directions that smiling (I believe that was the list member's name) do not work for some reason.

At this rate, I have to use the convert files option and enter the folder and select the files I wish to convert and then start the conversion.

Any other suggestions?

I cannot even get a display of any of the folders within the my documents folder.

Thanks and I apologize in advance for being a newb or really thick in the head.


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