Its worth noting, however, that there are screen r4eview commands for reading the current line, word, and character.Re: [TechTalk] NVDA, read current line and read all


On 4/16/20, Quentin Christensen <> wrote:
Hi Walter,

NVDA doesn't have a command to read by word - purely because Windows
already provides that functionality. Press CONTROL+LEFT ARROW to go back
one word and CONTROL+RIGHT ARROW to go forward one word. Does Jaws have
other commands for navigating through text like that? I can update our
guide to switching from Jaws to NVDA to ensure that is covered. For what
it's worth, these are all standard Windows commands:

LEFT / RIGHT ARROW - move back or forward by one character
UP / DOWN ARROW - move up or down by one line
HOME - move to the start of the current line
END - move to the end of the current line
CONTROL+LEFT ARROW / CONTROL+RIGHT ARROW - move back or forward by one word
CONTROL+UP ARROW / CONTROL+DOWN ARROW - Move up or down by paragraph (that
doesn't work everywhere, and note that many programs treat any time you
press ENTER as a paragraph).
PAGE UP / PAGE DOWN - move up or down by one screen worth of information
CONTROL+PAGE UP / CONTROL+PAGE DOWN move up or down by one page (in
programs like Word which define a page)
CONTROL+HOME - move to the top or start of a document
CONTROL+END - move to the bottom or end of a document

The handy thing is you can hold SHIFT while pressing any of those and it
will select text as well while it moves.



On Thu, Apr 16, 2020 at 7:56 PM Walter Ramage via <wpr=> wrote:

Hi. I am using desktop layout and the numpad lock is off. Things are
looking a little better since I've had help from this list. It has
confirmed things I suspected and informed me of things I was unaware of.

One thing I'm not sure of is reading by word. In Jaws insert/right arrow
will read forward word by word and insert/left arrow will read word by
backwards. just pressing left arrow will move forward character by
character and left arrow the same but backwards.

In NVDA I can move forward or back character by character by pressing the
left or right arrows but I can't read word by word by pressing
or right arrow. I'm not sure if NNVDA does this. I've pressed
insert/right arrow or left arrow but nothing is spoken. Is this feature
absent from NVDA? If NVDA does have this feature then where do I go to
find it. I don't want to spend a long frustrating period of time looking
for a feature that doesn't exist. With thanks. Walter.

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Hi Walter,

There are a couple of options for keystrokes depending on how you have
NVDA setup. So first:

- You can have INSERT (either the numpad 0 or the extended insert) or
LOCK (or all three) set as your NVDA modifier key. Note if you use the
numpad insert, you need to have numlock OFF for it to work.

- You can use "Desktop keyboard layout" or "Laptop keyboard layout".
Desktop layout assumes you have a number pad which can be used for NVDA
commands. Laptop keyboard layout reassigns those commands to other keys
and so ends up remapping quite a lot of keystrokes.

So, to read the current line is NVDA+up arrow in desktop layout, or
in laptop layout.

To read from the current point onwards in NVDA+down arrow in desktop
layout or NVDA+A in laptop layout.

As previously noted, the arrows in this case are the dedicated arrow keys
(often found in set out in an upside down T shape) not the number pad.

Also another thing you will likely be interested in, is the guide to
switching from Jaws to NVDA, which you can find here:

Kind regards


On Thu, Apr 16, 2020 at 8:46 AM Gene <> wrote:

If you use read to end, blank lines won’t be announced.


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You can’t use insert numpad down arrow. NVDA reserves the numpad for
screen review. Use insert with the main keyboard down arrow.

I’m assuming you are using the default desktop layout. If you changed
let us know.

Also, you can have the caps lock function as an NVDA key. If you do, you
will have insert and caps lock function as NVDA keys if you are using the
desktop layout. I don’t use the laptop layout and I’m not sure.

But I find it much mpore pleasant to use caps lock down arrow for read to
end. If you want to know how to make the caps lock key an NVDA key, let


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*Subject:* [TechTalk] NVDA, read current line and read all

Hi folks. I've decided to dip my toe in the NVDA world but only a little
bit at the moment but before I submerge my big toe I'd like some help

In Jaws to read the current line I press insert plus up arrow. To read
all, insert and down arrow.

Now I tried the same in NVDA but although insert up arrow read current
line, insert down arrow also read current line, it didn't read all.

I got more if I scrolled down but NVDA repeated every blank line with the
announcement "blank."

How can I correct this so insert up arrow reads current line, insert down
arrow reads all and every blank line is silent. Help appreciated, thank
you. Walter.

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