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Walter Ramage

Hi. Thanks. I'll keep those commands. I've been using a computer and Jaws since 2003 and have never used the numpad in any serious way but there might come the day when I will have to. Walter.

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I inadvertently overwrote the subject line. Here is my message in the
correct thread.

My webmail program, which I use off and on, sent my message when it
wasn't supposed to. Here is what I was attempting to say.

Its worth noting, however, that there are screen review commands for
read current line, word, and character, as well as previous and next.

I can't comment on them in the laptop layout, I don't use it. I often
find it more convenient to use these commands than move around in a
document or elsewhere and there are times you can't move around, to
read a line or look at words or characters individually using Windows
commands such as in a list or tree view.

By default, you are in object navigation, where you must be for these
commands to synchronize with whare you are working.
Read current line, numpad 8, not numpad NVDA key 8.
Read current word, numpad five.
Read current character, numpad 2.
Next in all cases is the numpad key to the right on the row you are
in, such as numpad 9 for next line, etc.
Previous is the key to the left of the current key, such as numpad 7
for read previous line.


On 4/16/20, Walter Ramage via <> wrote:
Hi. Yes, I am using the desktop layout. When I launch NVDA then I have the
option in the dialogue to use the caps lock as the NVDA key but I haven't
done that yet. Walter.

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You can’t use insert numpad down arrow. NVDA reserves the numpad for screen
review. Use insert with the main keyboard down arrow.

I’m assuming you are using the default desktop layout. If you changed it,
let us know.

Also, you can have the caps lock function as an NVDA key. If you do, you
will have insert and caps lock function as NVDA keys if you are using the
desktop layout. I don’t use the laptop layout and I’m not sure.

But I find it much mpore pleasant to use caps lock down arrow for read to
end. If you want to know how to make the caps lock key an NVDA key, let us


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Subject: [TechTalk] NVDA, read current line and read all

Hi folks. I've decided to dip my toe in the NVDA world but only a little
bit at the moment but before I submerge my big toe I'd like some help with

In Jaws to read the current line I press insert plus up arrow. To read all,
insert and down arrow.

Now I tried the same in NVDA but although insert up arrow read current line,
insert down arrow also read current line, it didn't read all.

I got more if I scrolled down but NVDA repeated every blank line with the
announcement "blank."

How can I correct this so insert up arrow reads current line, insert down
arrow reads all and every blank line is silent. Help appreciated, thank
you. Walter.



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