Please Help: Problems with SD Card

Joe Orozco

I’m having an issue with my SD card where I can copy items to it, but
when I eject the card from my PC, the items disappear. I’ve run the
repair tool. I’ve run CHKDSK from the CMD. It’s not reporting any
errors. The items that are already on the card are still there and
play just fine on my Victor Stream. There is plenty of room, and the
SD card is not write protected. I fully accept the possibility that
the card could be corrupt, but I can’t figure out how this might be
the case when other files are still operational. Even when I play the
media files right after copying them onto the SD card works just fine.
It’s just ejecting the card that causes the new content to disappear.
Do you have any ideas on how I might fix this?

Thanks in advance,


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