transferring playlist items from Apple Music to YouTube or Google play music


Hi all, this is Beth here. I prepared a playlist, about five hours of music on Apple Music, but there was a problem with playing it on a certain Amazon skill, which skips a bunch of songs and only plays twenty songs at a time. That would be the apple music skill. I’m curious as to how I could quickly and accessibly transfer all that apple music stuff to YouTube music or google play music, which I’m subscribed to both. I don’t think manually transferring and translating the songs should happen, there are over fifty songs inn my select playlist. So that would be tedious and hours of work. So what are you all’s ideas? I would want to be able to transfer the apple music playlist to youtube music or google so we can easily play it on a home speaker, and no we won’t be purchasing a not so impressive home pod. We already have google and amazon speakers, and we’re considering other options should this not work.
Thanks all in advance for your ideas.

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