Re: What to do when your computer goes silent

Jim Wohlgamuth


When jaws stops talking to me I simply press the windows key then type the word, jaws then press enter.  This always works for me.  Good Luck and Have A Good 1! de

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On 16-Apr-20 18:08, Vicky Vaughan wrote:

Hi List, I am using a Windows 10 desktop computer using Jaws 2020 and Leasey 5.13. 


Sometimes it goes silent. 


I was wondering what steps you would try in such a situation.


Is there a keyboard command for Task Manager? If the computer is still silent, what would you do after issuing that command?


Would you try pressing Alt F4 and then Alt Tab and another Alt F4 until you think that you have shutdown all open windows?


Would you try the Leasey command of Tilda followed by either Alt Shift r for Restart or Tilda Alt Shift s for shutdown?


I’m afraid I’ve done so many shutdowns and restarts that I think that I may have caused damage to my computer.


I am hoping some safe successful solutions may be suggested.


Any such will be gratefully received and acted upon!


Sincerely, Vicky V

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