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Norma A. Boge

Tickled grey? LOL
Olusegun, you're writing style is just fabulous!
Your fellow Androidian,
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Hey Colonel Monte, don't moan; just grab two, I'll come by with Santa
several weeks early to sneak down the chimney to grab the second one and
thus immerse myself in that great, wild garden where only apples grow!

I think the article I posted was a tad too generous in stating that Android
is in 70% of the world. Android has greater penetration worldwide than iOS
does--closer to 80%-85%! But, of course, the iPhone is produced in China and
imported to our countries for resale. If China's 1.3 billion people each
have one, there won't be enough iPhones left to export.

I'm tickled grey to see Apple trying to invade a market where it won't make
real deep penetration. In most countries of the world, $399.99 is hard to
amass; an Android can still be had for, say, $50-$200! It's going to be an
uphill climb for Apple for sure and I hope it doesn't SHOOT ITSELF in both
feet. Anyhow, it's stock was $292 today; perhaps the release of the sE2020
bumped it up 'cause I had seen it dive down to almost $165 recently.

Anyway, when I come grab my sE2020, we'll have a wild party to which no
virus shall be invited!!

Denver, Colorado

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