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Pamela Dominguez

When I was on the job, it was in the early 1990s, and I used a keybraille, which was a 40 cell braille display that functioned with dos. When I took the computer home after that, I was used to the braille display and liked to have it. When I learned windows in the beginning of 2000, I had to get used to not having one. In about 2012, I bought an Alva BC640. I have a different computer now, and I don't remember all that stuff about using the Alva propperly, and how to hook it up correctly to this newer computer. When I do, the computer sound comes through the speaker on the braille display. There was a way to not have it do that, but I forgot a lot of how to set it up correctly and use it. Pam. Pam.

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I'm retired, but when I worked at the Iowa Library for the Blind, I used a
Braille display when I was in our circulation software looking up people's
accounts so I could help them get the books they wanted. I had an 80-cell
display, as I needed to see the whole line of someone's data. Often I had
the patron on the phone in my ears, so I used Braille on the computer. I
couldn't have done my job as efficiently without the Braille. Now that I'm
home, I bought myself a 40-cell display; I find that on the Internet it is
often helpful to have the Braille, and it helps with filling out forms and
checking boxes and such.



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I'm wondering, does anyone use a Braille display, largely or exclusively,
for work at home or in office? Any response would be greatly appreciated.


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