Outlook 2010 and gmail, and outlook with pgp?

David Mehler


I'm trying to get outlook 2010 working with my gmail account. I've got
imap enabled on the account, and I know it's working because my phone
connects and sends and receives email properly. I configure outlook
and gmail per the gmail doc incoming host imap.gmail.com port 993 and
ssl, and outgoing host smtp.gmail.com port 587, tls, email address and
password where indicated, and that the outgoing server requires
authentication and use same settings as incoming server. When I hit
test connection I keep getting prompted for my email and password even
though I enter the correct information and save password.

Any suggestions welcome.

Also, does outlook 2010 support pgp signing/encryption of email? I've
got a pgp keypair and would like to use it to send encrypted email and
to sign same?


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