Re: outlook 2010 won't display gmail inbox?


During this cleaning out, what did you specifically do? Just deleted old emails? Because you certainly shouldn't be receiving such an error message for simply deleting emails. This is why I am curious of what else may have been done?

You could repair Office or if it's just Outlook, you can repair it just the same. Nothing else is coming to me. Steps below.

1. Press your Windows key and type in
Add remove and this will bring up Add or Remove Programs, press enter to open this up.
2. Now tab down to your various software's for you to begin arrowing until you highlight/select Microsoft Office.
3. Press Enter to open it and tab to modify where you would then press Enter once again.
4. The rest I am sure that you will not have any difficulties with.

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I was cleaning out my gmail inbox, deleting old messages then I closed outlook 2010. When I restarted it about half an hour later now I'm getting the message can not display folder location when going to my gmail inbox in outlook 2010. Any ideas what is going on and how to fix appreciated.


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