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Monte Single

Thanks for your concise and precise instructions.


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Hi Monte,


You can adjust what is read for symbols in NVDA's Punctuation / symbol pronunciation dialog.  Press NVDA+n, then P for preferences, then go down from from there.  For each, you can set what is read, "Dot, period, full stop, etc) and at what punctuation level.  So for punctuation level, NVDA can be set to read none, some, most or all.  Whatever you set in the dialog, NVDA will read at that level and higher.  So if you set a symbol to be read at "most".  NVDA will read it when the symbol level is set to most, or to all, but not at some or none.  If you set it to "all" then it will only be read at symbol level all, etc.


Press NVDA+P to adjust the symbol level on the fly.


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On Mon, Apr 20, 2020 at 11:09 AM Monte Single <mrsingle@...> wrote:

Hi Listers,


Recently I changdr synth and voice on my current version of nvda on win7 pc.

I still hear a little too much  punctuation including;

Dot, greater than, and equals.

Where do I go to silence these pesky varmits.


T I a,






Quentin Christensen
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