Uninstalling in Win 10 and Win7

Walter Ramage

Hi folks.  Over this weekend I was burning some CDs.  I used Express Burn on a Win10 machine.  I was using the evaluation version of Express Burn.  After burning 4 discs I was asked to purchase a licence.  Now let me move to Win7.  To complete the project I had to use the Express Burn I had on that machine, Win7 that is.  Again this was an evaluation version but all I had to do was go to "change or Remove a Programme", find Express Burn, highlight it then go to the context menu where I found change/uninstall.  When I click on this I get the option to either uninstall or to downgrade to the free version (which I did).


I went back to Win10 and tried the same but rather than "Change or Remove" I found "Add or Remove.  When I highlighted Express Burn and went to the context menu there was only one option, uninstall.


Now I'm new to Win10 and so may not know the correct place to go or the correct procedure.  Can somebody help please.  It might just be though that the option to downgrade to the free version may not be available in Win10, I just don't know.  Walter.

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