Re: Questions for a friend concerning Face Book and a podcatcher

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Well good luck, I hope that your friend is able to find some kind of assistance.

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In both cases, a computer is being used.

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Hi Jean, is your friend using a computer for Facebook or a smart device such as an iPhone or an iPod. I will tell you this much, I find using a smart device much easier for navigating Facebook. And as far as the PodCacher, is she wanting something for the computer or a smart device

joseph hudson

Technology support for the blind or better known as Mack, IOS and Windows support

FaceTime, iMessage, and email

Telephone/what's up messenger


Emergency cell




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I have a blind friend who is able to get to a page on Face Book but can’t find a way to start the live stream. It is of a mass her local church is offering. It may help if I can get the address of the page from her but I haven’t yet. Is there any general advice of what to look for?

Also, I know there is an page, but I’ve seen a little discussion of another page that may be more accessible or easier to use. Are there any comments?

On another topic, my friend is looking for a podcatcher. My impression is that ones that used to be popular now have limitations and that others may be preferred. Are there any recommendations?

Thank you for any information.


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