Re: How to be heard in a Zoom meeting?

Angelo Sonnesso

If you press alt+A you can start speaking.

You do not have to hold any keys down.

If you mic has an on/off switch you must have the mic switch on.

If you are muted you can raise your hand by pressing alt+Y.



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Oh, but I like it when systems are like zoom and Skype, because it makes me feel like I'm in the same room.  If no one is mchted, it's like being in the same room, where someone might be saying something funny and you hear laughter at the same time.  Needing to press a key for one person at a time makes me feel isolated.


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The host may mute an individual member or the entire group but unless this is done, anyone can talk and be heard at any time.  I think that is very bad design and that it should be done the way Talking Communities did, where you need to take an action to be heard.  It is too likely that inexperienced members or even experienced members may have sounds in their environment that will be heard and be distracting.


But this topic raises a question.  There is something I saw once when I was looking through the interface about raising your hand.  Is this something that is only there at times, depending on what the host has done?  Evidently, It must be a way to ask to be unmuted if you want to speak and the host has made it so you can’t unmute yourself.  I saw it while tabbing around the interface at a meeting.  If you use it, are you notified by your screen-reader when you are given permission to speak?  Alternatively, the host may mute you or everyone and whomever wishes to speak can unmute themselves, as was discussed in an earlier post.


Also, since this is your first meeting, if you don’t know this, when you connect, you are first in an area where you can test your audio and your microphone.  There are buttons, activated with the space bar, which you will see as you tab around.  When the test is in progress, you can tab to answers such as yes and no buttons.  You may have to tab a number of times to get to them.


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Hi List, I hope to take part in a Zoom webinar tomorrow and nothing I have yet read regarding Zoom tells me how I can be heard. 


I understand about unmuting myself with Alt plus a, but is it just a matter of then switching my mike to on?


Is there anything about holding down the Control key while I am talking, in order to be heard?


Thanks very much for any tips!


Sincerely, Vicky V



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