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There likely are portable CD players with tactile buttons. There were a few which were made for blind users which predated the Victor Stream and they played CDs and also talked. One was called the Victor Vibe, which I still own, and another was called the Victor Wave. As far as I know these products are no longer available. I also have a portable CD player with tactile buttons but they were arranged in a circle and a friend of mine labeled them for me in Braille because, without that, it would have been difficult to learn the configuration. I'm sure you can still acquire CD or DVD players with nice, tactile buttons but it's not something that I follow and so I can't speak as to types of models or availability.

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On 4/22/2020 6:29 PM, Doug Rose wrote:

HI all, seniors on my support call asked for an accessible CD player.  I know most people these days play media from thumb drives or stream it.  CD’s and DVD’s are usually played on home sound systems, computers, or car stereos.  These seniors would like a standalone player.


There once was a talking DVD player, does anyone know if it is still sold? Do you have  any suggestions for a self-contained accessible CD player or a DVD player?  Preferably a simple device with distinct buttons, will play audio CD’s, CD or DVD media with mp3 audio format.

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