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heather albright

Ah yes I only seem to have one identity. So it groups both my accounts in to one big folder instead of separating my accounts so all my mail for my home acount is not in the same folder as my personal folder. Is there away to change it so one account goes in one spot and the other in another?  I cant seem to remember how this was done when I had express in the past. Thank you for all your help! Cheers Heather

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Hi Heather,
Here's how to change the name of an identity if you desire to do so:
1. Press Alt + F for the file menu.
2. Press the letter D to open identities, or arrow up to identities and press enter.
3. Arrow down to manage identities and press enter.
4. Arrow up or down to the identity you want to change the name of.
5. Tab to properties, press the spacebar to open the edit field, delete / backspace out the existing name, type in the new name, tab to okay , press spacebar, & tab to close and press enter.

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Hello, how do you get your accounts separate like work or personal. I set them up but, I had one as the default I thought and it will not go to the second account. So I should have 2  identities . But, it is not showing like this in the tab order. Any ideas? Thanks very much! Heather


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