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Yes, that's the correct address to use to install zoom.

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Thanks, everyone!
What’s the website to install it on the laptop?
Is it
I will toy around with it this weekend, because I have to teach class every Thursday via zoom.

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When you are in a meeting, tabbing around will show you a leave meeting button. Use the space bar on buttons. As someone else said, you can use alt f4 but I’m discussing this other way because you can see a lot of things by tabbing around and even if you don’t know shortcuts, you can do a lot. Also, you can see one or two more things by going into full screen. You will see an item regarding full screen as you tab. Unlike many programs, you see more items in full screen and It doesn’t appear that you lose access to anything.

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Subject: [TechTalk] using zoom on the desktop

Is there a key stroke to leave a session when using zoom on the desktop?
During all of my times using zoom, it’s always on the iPhone, so I have yet to try it on the computer using windows 10.
Thank you.
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