Re: Question for a Rockbox guru: Clip Zip says file not found when updating firmware

Steven Johnson <saxmonger@...>

Thanks for getting back to me. I tried a much longer reset to no avail. I have a bad feeling about this one. The only file on the root is the firmware update clpza.bin, Version 1.21. The Clip says "updating firmware" for about half a beat, and then immediately says "file not found," when the file is present after I disconnect the clip from the computer. Trying to boot while holding the previous track side of the control pad does nothing. I even ran the Rockbox Utility on it, and the Rockbox installer said that it was patching the firmware, and installed lickity split, but still no change when I restarted the clip. I think I will admit defeat and give it back to the owner. She told me that it was broken when she brought it over, and she was not kidding. I appreciate your help though. Thanks, and stay well.

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A reset takes 30 slowly counted seconds; if you do less than that it doesn't reset the hardware like a reset is supposed to do.

Laz (not an expert but am experienced with Rockbox and Clip Zips)

On 4/25/20, Steven Johnson <> wrote:
One of the wife's girlfriends would like Rockbox on her Clip Zip, so I
volunteered. It appears that she has formatted it, and the firmware
will not update when I copy clpza.bin to the root and unplug the clip.
My wife read the screen for me and it says "file not found, plug into
USB. When I hold down the rewind button and power the unit on, it
doesn't attempt to boot into the original firmware, it continues to
say "file not found, plug into USB." When I plug the unit into my PC, the screen says "USB mode."
Can a Clip Zip be factory reset? Resetting by holding the power
button for
15 seconds causes no change. Any thoughts?

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