Re: Can't See My Desktop


It sounds like maybe you might have accidentally created yourself a Virtual Desktop or more (which may be blank and seem like nothing) and this may be why you could not get to your Desktop? This is just a guess on my end though. There are keystrokes below that will show you how to go to these Virtual Desktops to see if this is the case, but if Windows+Control+D doesn't sound like anything you'd accidentally hit, then maybe this guess does not apply at all.

Another idea is System Restore.

Windows + Ctrl + [Left][Right]
Switch between virtual desktops

Windows + Ctrl + D
Create new virtual desktop

Windows + Ctrl + F4
Close current virtual desktop

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Just yesterday, I can't access anything from the desktop. I have to do a search which is rather cumbersome.

Any ideas are greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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