Re: worrying, got locked out my pc


I would go in to Settings (instructions below) and see what is running in your machine because most likely it is Microsoft Edge along with several other software’s that have permission to simply run in the background that you can stop from happening and take the permission away.


Let us know if this fixes the situation.


Checking Background Applications


1. Windows+I for Settings.

2. Select Privacy and hit Enter.

3. Tab once and arrow to Activity History then, arrow down towards the bottom of the list and select Background Apps pressing Enter.

4. Now Tab through change whatever you see that you are not interested in running in the background by using your spacebar for the on/off toggle. Just try and take note of what you've toggled off so if there are problems, simply go back using the above steps and toggle it back on.


From: <> On Behalf Of heather albright
Sent: Tuesday, April 28, 2020 10:38
Subject: [TechTalk] worrying, got locked out my pc


Hello, okay, I restarted my pc after I updated   jaws and I had to restart the pc of course.   So when it came back up, edge was showing and it wanted me to sign in to windows, I do not sign in to windows I have a local account.

 was saspicious to me.  

Meanwhile, there is absolutely no speech from jaws, nvda or narrator.

my computer  signed me out of windows edge came up,wanting me to sign in to windows and I checked I wanted to not sign in to windows.

  I tried to by pass this window but, i could not.

 SO it locked me out of everything.

I had my sighted assistant restart the pc and we had to do it a couple of times.

 It would not even let us reset the pc to an earlier date.

Every time we could not get speech of any kind.

So is there something i should uninstall that is causeing this to happen!

I had this  happend before and of course edge always came up,wanting me to sign in to windows and when I did not the whole pc gets locked up.

 I thought it was a fluke but, it is happening again.

Funny this all started when I updated to 1909.

How to prevent this from happening as I do not always have sighted assistance.

Thank you for any advice!

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