Re: my techie pet peeve, When you can't follow instructions to the letter,


Experimentation and figuring out the problem comes with the territory. There are times when things change so much that instructions don't apply to the extent that a serious problem results. Often, it’s a matter of looking around and seeing what now matches what needs to be done. But with all the programs and apps available, it is inevitable that instructions for some of them won't be exactly the same as would match exactly the current version. Do you know how to look through dialogs and menus effectively if they are unfamiliar or different? While this may not solve all such problems, it makes dealing with a lot of them much easier and more effective.

Since I'm not sure how you deal with such problems in specific instances, if you give this or that specific instance, people may write and tell you how they dealt withb the problem. It may help you deal with such future problems.

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Sometimes I notice that, when I'm trying to follow specific instructions
for doing something on my devices, what I see is that things are either
updated or, for another reason, is not exactly what I should expect. It
can come down to a file type that isn't exactly the same as what other
format a certain file needs to be converted to. Sure, I can get help,
but I prefer things to match. Here are some examples:

One time it seemed I wasn't able to complete a certain step when setting
up my music studio. I thought the tutorial was for the same version of
the software. Another time I was trying to complete the steps for
converting an audio file to a ringtone format, but an extension wasn't
quite the same as what was called for in the instructions related to the
software I was working with. There was another such incident recently
that involved an app on my iphone. For some reason, in this case, I
couldn't seem to find the community knowledge base to get updated answers.

My two frustrating cents worth,

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