keeping my external drive from going to sleep

Troy Burnham

Hi all,

I have a 4-tb my book external drive plugged into a hub going to my laptop. Does anybody know if there's a setting to keep the drive from going to sleep when not in use or if that's even safe to do?

The reason I'm asking is, I understand if the external drive is asleep and I try to access it it might take a few seconds for it to open which is what does happen, but for some reason even when I try to open my favorites folder it'll often take a few seconds for that to open and that has nothing to do with the external drive. I believe this also happens with the checkbook program I use, which btw is money talks from APH.

It may not be the external drive that causes the delay but when it happens even when I'm not doing anything with the external drive I hear the same spin-up noise from the external drive that I hear when I try to open that drive. This is more of a nuissance than a problem, but if it won't hurt anything for the external drive to not go to sleep unless the laptop is turned off and if somebody knows how to tell me how to set that I'd appreciate it.



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