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David Moore

Hello! The best way to find the keyboard layout, is to open the main Jaws windows, and click on options, you need to get to the general settings where the start Jaws automatically and those settings are. As you tab through those settings, you should find a laptop or desktop layout mode. If that does not work, you can start up the Jaws wizard oh, that guide you through setting up many options. The laptop layout mode is there as well. I use the laptop layout mode all the time. I like using the letter keys to do my navigation with jaws and stuff instead of having my right hand on the numpad and then having to go back to the keyboard. Also, for some reason, I can even type faster when keys are bunched together, and the keyboard is smaller like on a small netbook. I know that is the opposite of what most Jaws users like. also, other screen readers, such as narrator and NVDA do not use the numpad as much. Many more key commands are done on the main part of the keyboard, so it is easy to learn, and it is good to get used to not having the number pad in case you use other screen readers. Also, it really helps getting used to working on a phone with a very small little on-screen keyboard at the bottom.

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I was using a laptop that had no number pad. I went under the start up options, looked to change it over to the laptop layout.

It only shows desktop layout.

Why is it not showing laptop layout in the combo box?


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