Re: keeping my external drive from going to sleep

Norma A. Boge

Hi Olusegun And Gene,

Yes, the 12 hour backups are serving my needs. For the time being, this PC
is for personal and business use so the interval seems appropriate.

Gene, the idea of having to be physically present to disconnect and
reconnect a backup drive is kind of crazy, IMHO. Or am I not understanding
what you're saying? I'm gonna keep my setup the way it is, with all my
anti-virus, anti-malware defenses in place. I think I understand where
you're coming from, and it probably applies more to the normal user who
doesn't necessarily have crucial data to backup. It all depends on what
level of backup someone needs.

Thanks guys,

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Sis Norma wrote:

"Ok, I must be missing something. I backup every 12 hours to an external
drive. So am I supposed to only backup to the cloud?"

What, sis? Going to leave me here and move to the clouds?

No, you don't have to BACKUP TO THE CLOUD unless you wish to. If what you
have setup is meeting your needs satisfactorily, I say just keep running
with it, get a second backup drive if necessary; however, if there's still
enough space left on that external drive, I'm of the opinion that you're in
good stead.

Now I'm sneaking back to my quarantine desk with a mask!!

Denver, Colorado

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