iPhone 6S

Penny Golden

The man asked 70 dollars; wanted to sell it to someone who would appreciate having it.

Then when he wrote to me, he asked 60 dollars.

I sent him 75.

and that's my story, and I'm sticking to it. If the 6S gives out, why, I shall have to get something newer.

I would like to try and play around with one without the home button.

Do you tap the place where the home button once was?

So that it's really there, but just smooth glass?

Thanks for answering that one.



On 5/7/2020 12:28 AM, Ron Canazzi wrote:
Hi Penny and Group,

I wonder what you paid for the iPhone 6SE.  You know right now you can get a brand new iPhone second generation SE for $399.99 from the Apple store. This unit, while not the top of the line when compared to the iPhone 11 series and later larger capacity SE series, is at least the equivalent of the iPhone 8 and it is brand new and therefore subject to Apple support for a year. It has a home key which many visually impaired people prefer over the later iPhones without a home key. (although the adjustment to the homeless <g> iPhones isn't really that big a deal to begin with)

When is the last time you saw a newly released iPhone--regardless of it's comparison to other Apple products for four hundred dollars?

On 5/6/2020 10:56 PM, Penny Golden wrote:
    I just got a Braille ME.  It really looks great.

Someone was complaining that the braille was sharp. I figured that meant that the dots would be such that they would injure the hands.  No; they're great.  Sure it is like sign braille; sure the thing makes noise.  But boy, can I see great uses for it.

Now, if I can only learn the command structure.

I just had to report in.  I was owed $300 by a friend of mine; and this friend sent me the machine as payment for this $300 debt. And the machine looks great.

Well, that's tech news number one from here.

The other is:

I bought a used iPhone 6S, and I'm rreally impressed with it, also.

Actually, if you're smart enough and brave enough, you can pair the Braille Me with the phone for reading the screen in braille and also for entering stuff using the braille keyboard on the Braille Me.

This bluetooth stuff is, uh, well, almost miraculous, it seems to me.

Maybe it'll also be miracle if I get it to work correctly.

Friends, I'll be 73 in a few months.

Just think:  30 years ago, we were probably useing the Apple 2 E, and I remember not so long ago purchasing a thumb drive with, oh, something like   a quarter of a gigabyte of space, if I'm not remembering incorrectly.

Now, penny, be quiet.  No one asked for the War-and-Peace-sized version.




I just can't tell you how much better the iPhone is from my iPad. I like the iPad, but the iPhone takes me back to iPod days when the terrain was so very manageable.

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