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Mich Verrier

Hi all. I also would like to know how long it takes for paypal to refund your money? I reacintley payed for something and it was canseld by not me but by the bank do to nsf and so I am wondering when I will be receaving the funds back? I would call paypal about this and askthem but do to the covid19 they are short staffd. I also tried to send them a message asking this question and there ancer was not helpful lol. From Mich.

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It should go back on whatever payment method you used to pay for the item you are being refunded for; if you paid from your bank account, it should go back to your bank account, and not just be added to your Paypal balance, causing you to need to transfer. Hope that helps.

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´╗┐Hi all,

If I receive a refund through pay pal does the refund go to pay pal and then I have to transfer the money back to my bank or does the money go directly to my bank? I'm wondering because a friend of mine is sending me back some money I sent him, and I don't have anything from pay pal nor do I see the money in my bank account, but I also changed the e-mail address associated with my pay pal account recently and I'm not sure if that was before or after I sent the money that's being refunded. Lastly, if the money will go directly into my account how long should it be before I see the money?



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