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Allen Norris

Just back your contacts up to Gmail, that should fix it.



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While we have the option to adjust the same settings in iOS, unlike Google, iOS does not save your contacts into Google. So when you are expecting to hear the colors name you were here call from and then they either have to say their name or you have to go online and program it into the Google contacts. I have this feature disabled As you will never know if one is going to say their name or not.

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Google Voice will prompt you when a call punches through.  Example, name of
caller is announced, with an instruction to press 1 to accept.  If you don't
press1, call is sent to Voicemail.  You can also set Google Voice to DISPLAY
AS YOUR ORIGINAL NUMBER such that when you make a call from your regular
number, it would display your Google Voice number to the call recipient.  

Note:  I've done this in Androidville, can't speak to anything revolving
around iOS!!!

Denver, Colorado

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