Re: Looking for a Good USB External Sound Card


Hi guys,

Thanks for the suggestions.  I'll pass them on.

Gene, my friend is not the best when it comes to Computers, or
Electronic in General.  However, he does have a set of Good Ears and he
is worried about the Sound Quality of the Recording of his Vinyl and CD's.

He thinks if he gets a Cheap Card, it won't sound very good etc.

On the other hand, the up Scale Cards have too many features, Buttons, 
Sliders and all kinds of Jack Inputs etc.

Plus for most Cards they come with Drivers, and some times a Software
based Interface where various adjustments can be made to the Sound.

Unfortunately, my friend is 3000 miles away, and he lives alone, and has
very few friends that are able to come to his apartment to help him. 
And they probably would know little about these Cards or how to install
the software.

He asked me to look for a Card, and so am doing that.

He has a nice, old time Stereo that comes from an era when they made
great sounding Stereo Systems, and the Turn Tables were of very High

All of his Vinyl, and he has 2 or 3 thousand Vinyl Albums he wants to
convert to MP3.

But, Thanks again for the Suggestions.  I'll pass them on and he will
decide what he wants to do.

Grumpy Dave

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