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Allen Norris

No you can not set up different ring tone just for google voice. You can
assign ring tones to contacts. The calls are unlimited.
Your number will not expire unless you do not use it for more than 6 months
or even longer I believe. It will email you ahead of time and tell you to
use your google number or it will expire. So no need to worry about loosing
the number. I have 2 google voice numbers and I can receive phone calls
from both of them at the same time on the same phone. You can also make
calls using your computer. I have been doing that lately for work. It will
receive calls as well. Just go to
Its easy to run.

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Sorry, yall. I'm asking lots of dumb questions and I should google all of
this lol.
Anyways, I plan on only using it when I have wifi, since I only have 2 gigs
of data.
Ok, how many minutes do you get? Someone earlier mentioned numbers expiring,
when do they expire? Thirdly, I had my daughter test call my google number,
it used the same ringtone I have for my default calls.
Can I set it up for a different ringtone to let me know, ok, this is google
voice number.

Best regards,

Kimsan Song

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Google Voice numbers are free! Besides Google Voice, there are apps like
2nd Line, Sideline, Burner, TextNow, etc. that are similarly situated. Some
of these apps have ads but, in general, they are usable should you seek to
have more than one phone number.

One caveat: These apps work over WI-FI and you don't even need a SIM card
to deploy any of them.

The apps discussed here are available from the Google Play Store, can't
speak for anything iOS!!

Denver, Colorado

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