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Based on the message that you are quoting I don't agree with your response. The book being discussed covers Windows and iOS but doesn't cover Android devices. If a user only uses Android devices then it is reasonable that he or she wouldn't have a need for this book as it doesn't address the user's operating system of choice. Zoom may be available for most of today's operating systems but if the book in question doesn't address the one you're using then it's not for everyone.

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On 5/8/2020 6:58 AM, Ann Parsons wrote:
Hi all,

Actually, Olusegun, your assertion below is spurious.  Zoom is a cross platform application that works in Linux, Windows, Mac,, IOS, Android and from a simple landline phone.  The whole idea behind Zoom is to make it as accessible to as many people as possible.  If by Android, you mean a Chrome Book, I think it works there too.  With schools, businesses, universities, nonprofits, churches  and plain old individuals using it these days, you have no business not knowing about Zoom!  You might make a couple of Zoom presentations and put them on your web site to showcase your business.  This statement of yours is short sighted and wrong! Wake up and smell the coffee good sir.

Ann P.

Original message:
Sis Pam wrote in part:
"I would really be glad if they had this book in braille."
Hmm, sis, I thought you have a Braille notetaker?  If yes, you should be
able to read the book.  It comes both in Word and PDF formats.
It's not a book for me as it has NOTHING IN THERE ABOUT ANDROID and,
besides, it will be obsolete quickly 'cause Zoom is constantly tweaking
Denver, Colorado

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