Re: Looking for a Good USB External Sound Card

goshawk on horseback

one does have to look for it a bit, but I am in the UK, and found it relatively easily.


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This sounds like a great sound card. But if I read the web page correctly, it looks like it’s only available in Australia. If I’m wrong, I’ll gladly rejoice.
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I personally like the aphex in 2
it has xlr, rather than RCA inputs, but adapters or leads for that can very easily be found.
not only does it have hardware level controls, but it also has a rather nice set of optical compressors built in.

hope this helps.


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I am looking for a Friend, who is also Visualy Impaired, who is
Converting a Huge Vinal and CD library of Music to MP3.

He is looking to buy an External Sound Card that has the ability to let
him connect his House Stereo System to the Sound Card, because he
intends to use his High quality turn Table instead of some Cheap turn Table.

So the Card will need to have a couple of RCA jacks for Left and Right
IN coming signal.

Anyone know of a High Quality External Sound Card that would work for my

Thanks ahead of time for any reply,

Grumpy Dave

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