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goshawk on horseback

I also like flack, but unfortunately mp3 is more universal.
in other words, more devices/apps can play it.

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From: Gene
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Flac is a popular lossless format.  But the person should compare formats such as Flac and MP3 to decide which he wants.  I use MP3 because it is relatively small, even at 320KBPS, which I use for quality music recording from good sources.  I can tell the difference on good equipment between MP3 and wave, which is lossless, but I don't mind the loss. 
The ear doesn't remember how lossless files sound and the MP3 files do sound good.  So, while I can remind myself by a comparison, the loss isn't significant enough to bother me.  Every now and then, I keep something in a lossless format where for some reason, I care about the loss, but that is very rare. 
Also, a lot of reccords aren't as good as you might think from the aura they have now.  Records all lose high end as the arm gets close to the end of the record.  While classical music and jazz tended to to include higher frequencies, rock often cut off at lower frequencies. 
I think the person should be encouraged to compare and see what he wants.  I don't believe in prescribing to anyone what they should use.  Pointing out the differences and benefits is a good idea but really, in the end, the person should make up his/her mind if the person cares enough about sound that this is something they are concerned about.
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From: Dave
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I had the same thought when he said MP3, but I chose to remain quiet,
since I felt he was already over his head just trying to get the
equipment to do such a conversion.

What File Type would you suggest?

I know of a couple of others, but if they are supported by Gold Wave,
then my friend could choose one of them instead of MP3.

Grumpy Dave

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