Re: I need an iTunes for Windows download link

heather albright

I had issues with itunes off windows. If you still having issues, please let me know. My friend had to search off youtube and we had to tweak the system a little in order for itunes to work. Not everyone will have this issue, he did not, but someone else like myself, itunes would not work when they connected their iphone. It kept giving me this code: (0xE800000A). So if you get this code let me know there is a fix. Well, posting the link where he will tell you how to fix it. I am sure there is a shorter way of tell ing some the steps remember he is sighted so he is doing the sighted way with his mouse but, he tells you the steps to take and your itunes will work with your phone!
Good luck, cheers Heather

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Hi Steven,

I am sorry to be responding to this mail as late as 10 days after you
asked this question. I thought, someone else may it in the mean time.

Please go ahead & download ITunes & many more softwares from this
site & that too without any toolbars & anything else that comes

Hope, it is of some use.

Thank you,


On 4/30/20, Steven Johnson <saxmonger@...> wrote:
I feel kind of silly asking because of how long I have been using JAWS, but
could someone provide a direct link to download iTunes for Windows 64 bit?
The Apple site seems to only offer the option to "get it from Microsoft,"
and I have a rough time navigating the Microsoft Store once JAWS says the
word touch, and I only hear that little Microsoft store bubble sound when I
try to navigate. Thanks folks.

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