For NVDA Users: Great New Weather Add On With Greatly Expanded Features

Ron Canazzi

Hi Group,

I am an NVDA user and for a while now, it has had a basic weather add on wherein you can use a few keystrokes to determine your own local weather conditions. It was quite basic and gave you just a very brief forecast and the sky and temperature conditions.

Now there has been made available a great new add on with many more features. It is set by zip code from the NVDA preferences menu rather than by editing a text file buried in the NVDA settings. It gives a one day and nine day forecast as well as configurable zip code settings for multiple locations. You set up your own default zip code under zip code management and then as many as you want afterward that could be accessed with a keystroke which will be temporary until you restart NVDA or the add on.

Now here is the information I have made available to some other lists. The original developer's page was in Italian, but I was able to translate it and find the download link. I have given the download link via a send space link to make it easier for anyone who wants it. While the developer is Italian, the add on defaults to English so no need to worry about that. See below.

Hi Group,

Using QTranslate, I was able to ferret out where the download link was on the Italian page.

Here is a Send Space link:
weather_plus3.2.nvda-addon (656.16KB)

In addition, thanks to QTranslate, here are the description, features and command you need to know to use the program. In my opinion it is great. You must first set the zip code from the preferences/Weather Plus Menu in the NVDA program itself before the temporary zip code feature will work.

Weather Plus
Version: 3.2 - 11.25.2015
This plugin adds local temperature and weather during the current 24 hours and forecasts up to 9 days for NVDA
Located in: Czech, French, English, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Portuguese-Portugal, Russian, Spanish, Slovak, Serbian.
operation and commands:
NVDA + w to the current weather report.
NVDA + shift + w to the provision in the current 24 hours and the next 9 days.
NVDA + control + shift + w quick call to insert a temporary Zip Code.
NVDA + alt + w to know the date of the last update bulletin weather.
Control + shift + w Switches the measuring scale of degrees of Celsius and Fahrenheit.
Carefully read the documentation called up from the Preferences menu, Weather Plus Settings for instructions on how to enter the Zip Code of your city

The zip code feature is interesting, but the documentation does not explain it precisely. What you need to do is to go into preferences for the add on via NVDA menu/preferences/weather plus. Then set up your default zip code and others you may want to check. You can set a large number if you want, but remember to set your own as the default. Then when you invoke the keystroke NVDA + shift + control + W, a list will come up from which you may set a zip code temporarily.


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