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It isn't clear whether the web site contains the magazine contents as well and for free.  It has a lot of free content.  Do you know?  Did you give the link because of the free content there, such as the many articles and a lot of reviews, all or many of them free, based on my brief look at the site?
Also, it isn't a question of not knowing where people are from.  One of the important points of lists like this is that a lot of people may be reading and learning from various threads.  Many people may be following any thread, except one that is so specialized that almost no one would be interested and perhaps few people would understand it.  But in general, it should be assumed that you are writing to an audience larger than one person.  Therefore, when giving a limited source, such as BARD, a brief explanation should be given such as that it is the United States book service for blind people and those who cannot read because of an inability to hold a book for an extended period of time, I myself don't know if others such as dyslexics can use it but I would think so, who are citizens of the United States, living at home or abroad. 

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Pam, I don't keep track of where everybody is. I give the best info I can to answer a question. And just because someone lives outside the U.S. doesn't mean they aren't eligible for NLS services. I am sure Simon knows whether or not he is eligible. He asked if the mag was audio or text, and I answered. Next?

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If he is in the UK, he can't subscribe to it if it's a part of NLS.  Pam.

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Hi Simon,

It is an audio magazine. Available for downloading from NLS BARD. Or you could subscribe and receive it via NLS cartridge.


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is this publication in audio format, or text only?


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Hi Dave,

My go-to for info on all things audio is

The magazine is available from the NLS so if you're friend isn't reading it,
he should be. I'm sure he would find the content interesting and

Just as an aside, I am wondering why someone who sounds like a person who's
finicky about sound would record his vinyl in mp3. But I guess it depends on
what he wants to do with the files.


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Hi guys,

Thanks for the suggestions.  I'll pass them on.

Gene, my friend is not the best when it comes to Computers, or Electronic in
General.  However, he does have a set of Good Ears and he is worried about
the Sound Quality of the Recording of his Vinyl and CD's.

He thinks if he gets a Cheap Card, it won't sound very good etc.

On the other hand, the up Scale Cards have too many features, Buttons,
Sliders and all kinds of Jack Inputs etc.

Plus for most Cards they come with Drivers, and some times a Software
based Interface where various adjustments can be made to the Sound.

Unfortunately, my friend is 3000 miles away, and he lives alone, and has
very few friends that are able to come to his apartment to help him.
And they probably would know little about these Cards or how to install
the software.

He asked me to look for a Card, and so am doing that.

He has a nice, old time Stereo that comes from an era when they made
great sounding Stereo Systems, and the Turn Tables were of very High

All of his Vinyl, and he has 2 or 3 thousand Vinyl Albums he wants to
convert to MP3.

But, Thanks again for the Suggestions.  I'll pass them on and he will
decide what he wants to do.

Grumpy Dave

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