Re: Pontes Media Downloader keyboard shortcuts

Ron Canazzi

Hi Group,

I copied these out of the menu structure.  I believe I got all of them.
keyboard shortcuts control + K
Download URL Control + D
URL field Control + L
source format control + F
conversion formats control + M
downloads table control + T
status bar control + S
for downloads
open control + enter
show download log control + G
delete completed downloads control+ backspace
delete all items control+ shift + backspace
Stop all running downloads Control + Z

Engine shortcuts
update engine Control + U
supported services control + P
Youtube DL webpage control + y
Program options Control + O
select media folder control + shift + E

On 5/10/2020 11:57 PM, Kimsan via wrote:

Try virtualizing the screen and copy and pasting the info to another document.

That program has shortcut keys?

Never new that!


Best regards,


Kimsan Song




From: <> On Behalf Of Steven Johnson
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Subject: [TechTalk] Pontes Media Downloader keyboard shortcuts


I have tried to read the Pontes Media Downloader shortcuts list that comes up when I Hit ctrl-K, but JAWS and NVDA only allow me to read the keyboard shortcuts themselves when I scroll down, not the action that will occur with each one.  JAWS says that this information is in a table, but none of the table navigation hotkeys seem to give any further information other than the actual keyboard shortcut.  When I hit insert-B, JAWS will read the keystroke followed by the action, but I would like to quickly navigate to a keystroke and find out what it does without reading the whole list.  Any tips?

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