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Hi Walter,
I have been playing around with the Yamaha Tyros range for years now. The Tyros 5 is last in that range, and still has buttons (we're talking a price tag over the thousands). The successor model, the Genos, unfortunately is touchscreen, although it does have rudimentary accessibility.
I am looking into getting a new keyboard myself, and a friend of mine, who gave me an old Juno-G which unfortunately won't connect to Win10, recommended I try the newer Juno DS models. I haven't seen them yet, but my friend is all into analogue gear and so I'm sure it is a firm-founded suggestion.
Hope that helps.

On 11/05/2020 05:13 pm, Walter Ramage via wrote:
Hi All.  It has been about 38 years since I had an electronic keyboard. It was a JVC and even back then it cost me £1000 new.  It was an easy keyboard to use because it had physical buttons to select the various functions and had loads of features.  It has been a long time but if my memory serves me correct it was a 4.5 or 5 octive single manual.
Now about 38 years on it has crossed my mind that it might be interesting to purchase a new keyboard.  The problem is I've not kept up with musical keyboards, either single or double manual so I don't know how technology has impacted on them.  I imagine that most if not all functions are accessed via touch screen or maybe a phone app.
Does anybody have any opinion or information on modern-day electronic keyboards?
Now for your information, I don't do cheap so the £150 Yamaha  keyboard one might buy their kids for Christmas is not what I would be looking for but something more professional or semi-professional but it would need to be accessible.  At the moment a keyboard isn't on my buy list but if I can get info about one that isn't in the 10's of thousands of pounds then I might find my interest grow.  Way back those 38 years the keyboards of quality were JVC or Roland and Casio and Yamaha  were a rung or two down the ranking ladder although in the 90's my uncle got a Yamaha that sounded rather good.  I am here thinking of a single manual as I don't know if I have the space to fit a double manual in here. Any information or opinions appreciated.  Walter.
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