Re: sharing a message from a daily summary delivery format?


I don't use summaries.  I find them inefficient and it means that if I ever have something I want to discuss, I have to wait until the next summary comes out before I can respond to anything or see what help or information is given.  I would think it would be far more efficient and desirable to receive individual messages and if you want, define a message rule to place all messages from a certain list in a certain folder. 
Also, you can read messages by conversation so that each subject is seen one time and if you want to read the messages in that thread, you open the conversation and read them.  You can also delete entire threads at one time if you read messages by conversation.
It doesn't matter how you send the information to another list.  Just use an appropriate subject line if you copy and paste.  I don't know if there is a rule or preference about including the name of the person who wrote the message.  I often see it, but at times, someone will say something like a list member sent this way of doing this or that when people are answering questions.  People often keep information about how to do something but they don't keep the name of the sender. 
Others may know if there is a preference in what is called netiquette about this.

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I came across a message that I'd really like to forward or copy to
another list.  Is it possible to forward it, or is it okay to just copy
and paste the contents?


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