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Gerald Levy

Well, Annn, I have good news and bad news for you.  The Cobolt talking clock radio is currently available from Maxi-Aids as the Speechmaster multifunction talking clock radio by Reizon.  The bad news is that they are selling it for $200, which is twice as much as Amazon is Selling the Sangean PR-D17 for.  And at that price, it is FM only. But at least it ships right away, and you won't have to waint weeks to receive it like you would if you ordered it from Cobolt in the UK, if and when it ever becomes available again.  Trust me.  It is the exact same radio.  The product descriptions on the Maxi-Aid and Cobolt sites are identical.  So I have cancelled your homework assignment, and if you want to pass along the information about this overpriced clock radio, here it is:


On 5/13/2020 10:18 PM, Ann Parsons wrote:
Hi all,

The prices are comparable.  The Cobalt one sells for 68.10 pounds which comes out to be $83.37.  Now, I don't know why they're temporarily out of stock but I will check to see, if I remember.

I have no opinion about the quality of either radio because I have no experience with them at all.  I found exactly what I wanted on Amazon some years ago.  I found a plain, old, analog radio.  It has two knobs and that's it!  I use it in my kitchen.  It is exactly what I wanted, no fuss, no muss, just a radio.

Ann P.

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