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I doubt that for most users, it matters if you get the latest book.  Once you are in a room and can work with the interface, you will see that you can tab around to anything important for the typical user, except that I've found that to see the messages in the chat pannel, you need to be in full screen mode and you can tab to the full screen button as well.  use the space bar on buttons.. 
Why spend eighteen dollars when the Jonathan Mosen  book is available for free.  Also, you can ask questions on lists like this one if you have problems. 
For the typical user, who wants to attend meetings and that's it, the Mosen book should be adequate and its free.  If anything has changed, you can ask here or you may be able to see what it is by tabbing around in the interface once you have joined a meeting.  According to those who have looked at the Mosen book, there have been changes in Zoom, but they are minor. 

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The most recent would be the one by the Carrol Centre “getting started with zoom: jaws, nada and IOS”.   Its for $18.

I am about to purchase myself but I’m told its quite comprehensive.


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> What is the latest book on Zoom?

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