Re: Electronic Keyboards, the conclusion


Hello Walter,

It sounds like you enjoy Playing when you wish to play, and that you are
not at all interested in becoming an expert in playing with the Dozens
of Settings found in today Beastly Digital Pianos.

You mentioned thinking of spending up to 9 grand for something. Sounds
like me and Guitars.  Guitar is my first Instrument, and Piano is
something I just use to play around.

Some of the lesser priced models will probably work for you fine.  Just
need to find the one that sounds the best, and then try to resist
spending more than you actually need to spend to get what you can use,
and enjoy.

I have bought Amps and Guitar Pedals, that cost me Big Bucks and they
had so many Features, some not accessible, the end result was I rarely
used them.  Eventually sold them, and sold them off just to get rid of
them, losing loads of money in the sale.

I am sure you will find a Piano that sounds the way you can enjoy, and
you'll need to fight off the temptation to buy something more expensive.

Grumpy Dave

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