switching log in email address in facebook

Keith S

Hi, I asked this question earlier in the week and was told by one member that she could not remember exactly how to do this.
I did a help search from inside facebook and it said something about clicking on a 3 dot symbol and then selecting from a drop down menu that opens.
Is this  possible on a windows 10 compuger running jaws?
Seems like every application and/or program out there (at least the ones made by microsoft) have hotkey buttons and keystrokes you can use but Facebook apparrently has not caught on.
Ponse media downloader even has hotkeys a blind person can use, though I honestly don't use them, instead I simply use the tab key to navigate around.
But I digress,
I added an additional email address to my facebook account, but the original email I entered to make the account is still listed as the primary log in email.
these 3 dot thingie is supposed to open a menu to make the needed changes, but like I said, I have never come across 3 dots (due to being blind) to get this done.
Any help?

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