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chris judge

You might be able to switch it by holding the shift key and pressing the fn key. This works on more modern mhp lap tops.


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Others may answer the question with a much more elegant technical solution.  for now, what you may want to try, I never have, is booting the machine, then when it is fully booted, taping down the FN key and untaping it when you are going to shut down the computer or when you need to do an improper shutdown or hibernate or sleep.  I don't know what would happen if you left it taped when you were going to reboot or boot the computer.  Having the key held down should allow the function keys to work normally. 


As I said, I haven't tried this work around.  My laptop doesn't have the FN key on when it isn't pressed so I can't comment on how well this work around works.



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Is there a way to turn off the function key on a 3 year old HP     laptop? without going into the BIOS

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