cannot contact owners/managers of googlegroup "accessible"



this week I tried to post messages about how to access "from" field in classic gmail view to googlegroup "accessible via its web interface. a system returned me message, that my post should be approved. Then I contacted owners/managers of the group via e-mail and then I followed to instructions, which were sent via automatic reply. And then, same message:

----- begin -----

Hello jozko.gregorc@...,

We received your message to the owner of the group accessible.

This group does not accept email to owners or managers. To send a message to the owner, visit the following page:

If you have questions related to this or any other Google Group, visit the Help Center at


Google Groups

----- end -----

This message has been repeated each time, when I tried to follow instructions and fill web form.
So can anyone help me:
- how to contact a personal behind "accessible" googlegroup
- how to post messages into this group
- last but the most important plea or question, how to access "from" field in classic (html) gmail interface? I don't want to use a standard view due to performance issues. for me it is almost unresponsive, slowly etc. I'm using firefox and NVDA.
Access to "from" field is important for me, because an address, with which I'm subscribed to mailing lists, is different than my default mail address. So if I want to send a post to mailing list (new message or reply)I must change a sender's address or system would block my messages.
Yes, I can use web interfaces, but many lists don't have it or it is very inaccessible. Specificly it is problematic on and system, which use mailman software to run its service.

Hope, I was clear enough to understand.

thanks for your help.

best regards,

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